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Safe Shopping Guarantee

WildTangent uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect the security of your credit card information as it is transmitted to us.

SSL is the gold standard in Internet encryption technology, which means it's a highly proven method of scrambling data as it travels from your computer to our website's servers.

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges. If your bank does hold you liable for any of this $50, WildTangent will cover the entire liability for you, up to the full $50. WildTangent will cover this liability only if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made through WildTangent while using the secure server.

In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.